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Sense Sound Massage Studio Dubrovnik

In need of a relaxing massage in Dubrovnik? Of something that will have you floating out of the door and into your next Dubrovnik adventure? Sense Studio has the thing for you. Both sound massage and sound bath are a treat for the senses and an amazing way to do something nice for yourself. So, come along and explore deep body relaxation at Sense – Studio for Sound Massage, a beautiful oasis of calm and quiet, only a 10-minute drive from Dubrovnik’s Old City. You will be in the safe hands of our lovely Rhubin Herceg.

Sound massage private
one-on-one treatments

If you are not sure which the treatment option is right for you feel free to contact us any time. You can use the contact form below to share your questions with us, or simply give us a call.

A sound massage is not a massage in the traditional sense of the term. You will not be given a hands-on massage. It is called like this because the vibration of the therapeutic singing bowls gently massages our body from the outside and the inside. The sound massage evokes the feeling of being touched through the vibrations. It evaporates stress and calms your senses.

All of the treatments at the Sense are performed by a Peter Hess ® Sound Massage certified practitioner, and have scientifically proven benefits.

Personalised Sound Massage (60 minutes)

Allow yourself to immerse in the sound and let go of all the stress of your everyday life. Personalised Peter Hess ® Sound Massage sessions provide deep relaxation, which in many cases help with the healing processes. Your session will start with a short introductory conversation with your sound practitioner, Rhubin Herceg, who will listen carefully to your wishes and current ailments or any other health issues you might have. She will then adjust the sound massage to suit your specific needs. If you opt for more than one massage session at the Sense Studio, she will track your progress and adjust the treatment to get you the gains that you have been looking for.

Balancing Sound Massage (45 minutes)

Sense Studio’s standard Peter Hess ® Sound Massage sessions are gentle, yet very powerful. You will walk out the door feeling refreshed, energised, and with a clear mind. Your mileage may vary, but many people frequently report feeling soothed, peaceful and free. Simply relax. You will probably feel deep relaxation kicking in after about 10 minutes, sometimes even sooner. If you decide to try several full sessions, you will notice you relax more deeply and easily each time.

Partial Sound Massage (30 minutes)

Is there something specific you have been struggling with? The partial Peter Hess ® Sound Massage may be exactly what you need. You can find out more about the benefits of the sound massage here. If you are not sure whether sound massage is something you should go for or not, pop us a question and we will get back to you shortly.

Sound bath – private group relaxation sessions

Sense Studio’s sound bath sessions are perfect for a small group of up to four friends or family members. You can enjoy the private and calm atmosphere of the Sense Studio, while lying on soft mats, with your eyes closed, and being bathed in sound.

Rhubin, your sound practitioner will use the Peter Hess ® Singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, koshi bells, cymbals, gongs and an ocean drum. The sounds that will roll through the room in vibrational waves will allow you to enter a deeply relaxing state. In case you would like to book a sound bath for a larger group or at your venue, send us a request.

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